Didi plans to build a car or win a better market valuation for the listing

publish_time: 2021.04.08

  According to media reports on the evening of April 6, Didi will start the car-making project. The person in charge is Yang Jun, the vice president of Didi and the general manager of Xiaoju Car Service. He is also the chief product officer of the customized online car-hailing D1 jointly released by Didi and BYD. Currently, the team has begun to dig people from the car factory.


  Didi’s car building is no accident


  Several industry insiders have analyzed that in recent years, Didi has had a number of car-related plans in progress in an orderly manner. Especially after customized D1 online car-hailing with BYD, Didi will be more deeply involved in car building.


  According to the survey, in November 2019, Didi and BYD established a joint venture (Hangzhou) Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., with BYD holding 65% and Didi holding 35%. The two jointly launched the customized online car D1 in November 2020. At that time, the Didi department directly involved in this cooperation was also Xiaoju Car Service.


  Didi's car service business started in 2016 and became Xiaoju's car service independently in 2019. It currently includes Xiaoju's car (car rental platform), car maintenance, second-hand car, refueling and other businesses. Didi wants to use the front-end long-term lease as its main line to drive back-end maintenance, insurance and energy businesses.


  In June 2020, Didi Autonomous Driving, a subsidiary of Didi, announced that it will cooperate with BAIC. The two parties will jointly develop high-level self-driving customized models specifically for RoboTaxi (self-driving taxi) operations.


  Industry insiders believe that the launch of Didi's car manufacturing is likely to follow D1 to further explore customized online car-hailing. Previously, Didi founder and CEO Cheng Wei publicly stated at the press conference that it is expected that by 2025, the customized version of online car D3 will be popularized on the Didi platform by more than 1 million units. By 2030, the D series goal is to remove the cockpit. Realize unmanned driving in a full sense.


  Another person familiar with the matter said that Zhu Jiang, who was the vice president of user development of NIO, will likely join Didi. Zhu Jiang has many years of experience in auto companies, and has worked in BMW Brilliance, Lexus, Weilai, Ford China and other companies.


  Not only that, this time Didi will have higher capital investment and participation. This echoes the signal that Didi emphasized that it was the "first" customized online car-hailing when it launched the D1.


  Tech giants went to the car making wave


  Under the hot market prospects, technology giants have stopped building cars. On March 30, Xiaomi officially announced its official entry into the smart electric vehicle business. The company's initial investment is 10 billion yuan, and the investment is expected to be 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years. Lei Jun will concurrently serve as the CEO of the smart electric vehicle business. Alibaba, SAIC, and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech will jointly build a high-end smart pure electric car Zhiji; Huawei, Changan Automobile and CATL will jointly build a new smart car brand; Baidu and Geely Holding Group will establish a joint venture company and will enter as a vehicle manufacturer Automobile industry; Geely Automobile Group and Tencent signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou, etc.


  Industry insiders believe that Didi has also reported about car building news. In 2021, the electric smart car market may become one of the battlefields of Internet giants fighting bayonet.


  It is also worth noting that Didi has more important matters besides building cars. People familiar with the matter said that Didi also plans to go public this year. In order to better market valuation, Didi has carried out more diversified business development, including Didi's current key business community group purchase "Orange Heart Choice". Community group buying is a capital-heavy track, and it brings together the most powerful giants at the moment-Meituan, Pinduoduo, Ali, and JD.com all regard it as an important direction.


  More deeply participated in and led the launch of customized online car-hailing, entered self-driving trucks, and entered the community group buying market. Didi will launch new moves this year. Didi, which has always been considered by the market to be relatively cautious in making decisions, showed a sharper ambition on the eve of listing.


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