Navigation of the Suez Canal resumed; Volkswagen accidentally revealed the new name of the US business "Voltswagen"; Hyundai Motor reportedly suspends production due to chip shortage

publish_time: 2021.03.30

        Big stranded ship re-floats Suez Canal to resume traffic


   Later on March 29, the huge container ship that blocked the Suez Canal resurfaced after being towed, and shipping resumed again. The ship has blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week, causing a large build-up of ships around the canal.


   Stellaantis Italy plant will suspend production in April


   On March 29, the UILM union stated that due to the sluggish demand caused by the new crown virus, Stellattis will suspend production at its Melfi plant in southern Italy from April 2 to April 12. The plant produces Jeep Renegade and Compass models, as well as Fiat's compact SUV 500X.


   Hyundai Motor is rumored to suspend production due to chip shortage


   On March 29, the Korea Economic Daily reported that due to chip shortages, Hyundai Motor planned to suspend production at its Ulsan No. 1 plant in South Korea from April 5 to April 13. The affected factories produce 311,000 vehicles each year, including Kona Electric and Ioniq 5.


   Volkswagen accidentally revealed the new name of the US business "Voltswagen"


   On March 29, an accidentally leaked press release revealed that Volkswagen America will use the brand name "Voltswagen" to distinguish its electric car series, which will be delivered to American dealers this month. According to people familiar with the matter, this change is in line with the company's "pure electric" future in the United States.


   Tesla obtains new patents to promote the progress of pure visual FSD


   Tesla received a new patent last week for "Using Visual Image Data to Estimate the Properties of Objects". Elon Musk said that Tesla will release a version of the FSD Beta with a major update in April, and said that Tesla will pursue pure vision and will not even use radar sensors in the future.


  Tesla's Texas Gigafactory launches recruitment wave


   Tesla's Texas Gigafactory added about 50 new jobs, many of which are related to local battery production. The drone video shows that the construction of the factory has made great progress.


   Tesla won 10 Semi and 2 Megacharger orders


   Logistics company MHX Leasing has received US$1.9 million in funding from the Mobile Air Pollution Control Committee (MSRC) for the deployment of 10 Tesla Semi-trailers. To charge these cars, MHX will also purchase two Tesla Megacharger charging networks.


   Volkswagen uses Skoda to enter emerging markets


   Skoda under the Volkswagen Group will lead the way into some emerging markets, where the group has so far lagged behind its Asian competitors in these markets. Skoda CEO Thomas Schaefer said that the company is freeing up funds to invest in the Indian or Southeast Asian markets and transform its product line to electric vehicles.


  Chinese fund company acquires chip manufacturer Magnachip for US$1.4 billion


   Chip manufacturer Magnachip will be acquired by Wise Road Capital of China for 1.6 trillion won (approximately US$1.4 billion). All shares were sold at a price of $29 per share, a 75% premium. Magnachip is a company spun off from South Korea's SK Hynix and has been listed on the US stock market.


   SK Hynix’s 120 trillion won project received final approval


   On March 29, SK Hynix’s 120 trillion won (approximately US$106 billion) new semiconductor park project was finally approved. The project is located in Yongin, South Korea, covering an area of ​​4.15 million square meters, including four new semiconductor manufacturing plants. After the construction of the park is completed, the monthly wafer production capacity will reach 800,000 pieces.


  Toyota opens the first commercial hydrogen fuel station in Victoria, Australia


   On March 29, Toyota Motor opened its first commercial hydrogen fuel station in Victoria, Australia, to promote the popularization of cleaner cars. This hydrogen refueling station is the company's largest production, storage and distribution hydrogen energy site in the world, which can generate 80kg of hydrogen energy per day.


   Ford stops selling chargers for household electric vehicles


   Due to the discovery that some wall boxes were not working properly, Ford temporarily stopped selling household electric car chargers. As sales of Ford Mustang Mach-E increased, dealers were told to purchase key parts of the universal version on third-party websites such as Amazon.


  Visteon and General Motors cooperate to develop wireless battery system


   Automotive electronics supplier Visteon has developed a wireless battery management system in cooperation with General Motors, which will be launched on GMC Hummer electric pickups this year. The system can monitor the health and charging status of the battery pack, and can be used for different electric vehicle platforms.


   Mercedes-Benz EQS uses a full-width internal screen to challenge Tesla Model S


  Mercedes-Benz will equip the upcoming EQS pure electric luxury sedan with a nearly full-width instrument panel, which is aligned with the Tesla Model S. EQS is Mercedes-Benz's first model based on a dedicated platform for electric vehicles and will be unveiled on April 15.


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