Buick released V2X technology, which will be applied to mass-produced models this year

publish_time: 2020.11.21

    On January 20, the Buick brand of SAIC General Motors released the V2X technology and announced that it will launch mass production models equipped with this technology within the year, leading the innovative development of intelligent transportation with advanced technology. At the same time, Buick's eConnect 3.0 intelligent interconnection technology ushered in a new upgrade, which greatly innovated the cloud interconnection functions and services that users have high perception and high frequency use.

    Buick said that the mass-produced version of V2X (Vehicle to Everything) technology released this time can realize information interaction and sharing capabilities between vehicles (V2V), vehicles and road infrastructure (V2I). At the same time, Buick's V2X technology will also integrate the functions of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in the future to bring safer and more efficient smart travel solutions.

    In the early stage of technology application, Buick V2X technology will provide vehicle-to-vehicle communication related emergency brake warning EBW, vehicle out of control warning CLW, abnormal vehicle warning AVW, intersection collision warning ICW, and vehicle-to-road infrastructure communication related speed limit warning SLW , Red light warning SVW, road hazard warning HLW, green wave speed guidance GLOSA, a total of 8 functions. In the future, Buick’s V2X technology will develop into more complete forms such as car and pedestrian (V2P), car and cloud (V2C), car and home (V2H), and build a more advanced and complete vehicle-road collaboration technology and smart city ecology.

    Buick’s eConnect 3.0 intelligent interconnection technology has also ushered in a comprehensive evolution, adding new functions such as light application platform, intelligent service push, one-key registration, etc., improving the performance of voice interaction and car navigation, and further optimizing the display interface to make the car interactive Practicability and friendliness are further enhanced.


Source: SAIC-GM Buick official

    In the era of information interconnection, in order to solve the user's pain points of increasingly diversified applications and faster and faster update frequency, Buick's eConnect 3.0 intelligent interconnection technology newly developed a light application platform, allowing many functions to be presented on the car system in the form of cards. Weather, music, maintenance and other applications can be used at any time by downloading or updating, and more rich functions will be introduced later. At the same time, based on multi-dimensional data such as location, time, and portrait tags, Buick's eConnect 3.0 intelligent interconnection technology can automatically determine changes in car usage scenarios and actively provide service guidance to car owners.

    In addition, the voice interaction capability is also the upgrade focus of Buick's eConnect 3.0 intelligent interconnection technology. Through in-depth cooperation with the industry's top voice system providers, the launch of Buick's customized voice interaction engine not only effectively improves the recognition rate and response speed, but also has up to 30 types of dialogues. Type and control commands increased by more than 40%, and also support natural communication methods such as multiple rounds of communication, voice wake-up, dialogue interruption, etc., to make the interaction effect to a higher level.


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