"Nissan Power Tiantuan" unveiled, will be equipped with 3 new models in 2021

publish_time: 2020.11.21

    Dongfeng Nissan announced that "Nissan Smart Mobility" will accelerate its landing in China.

    On November 20th, the 18th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition officially kicked off. Dongfeng Nissan brought the entire vehicle series to the exhibition and ushered in the debut of the "Nissan Power Group", officially announcing the acceleration of the "Nissan Smart Mobility" intelligent power in China.


    Anthony Bathers, general manager of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, said on the spot: “From concept to action, from technology to product, we hope to guide our work with the spirit of “dare to do” and empower cars through a comprehensive renewal. Let the car complete the transformation from a travel tool to a travel partner, and enable a comprehensive upgrade of the trinity of service experience, channel contacts, and product technology.

    According to the data, at the technical level, Dongfeng Nissan takes the VC-TURBO super variable engine, e-POWER, and ZeroEmission Nissan pure electric group as the core.

    Among them, the VC-TURBO super variable engine is a variable compression ratio turbocharged engine, which has accumulated Nissan’s more than 20 years of painstaking research. It has won Ward’s top ten honors in 2019 and 2020 for two consecutive years. It is currently equipped with the seventh generation Teana on.

   According to the official, it will be installed on more models in the future to bring consumers a passionate driving experience with efficient power.

    Zero Emission Nissan Pure Electric has the advantages of safe batteries, precise electronic control, and energy-saving motors. The Zero Emission technology is currently equipped with Nissan Leaf, and it has sold 500,000 units worldwide.

    e-POWER has the advantage of full-time electric drive. It uses a fuel engine to drive the motor to achieve 100% pure electric drive, bringing a powerful and smooth driving experience. In the future, Dongfeng Nissan will accelerate the introduction of e-POWER technology in China.

    According to data, Dongfeng Nissan will implement three new models in 2021.


    In addition, at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Dongfeng Nissan also set up a "Sentimental Service" experience zone for the first time to create a one-stop service experience process.

    In terms of sales volume, Dongfeng Nissan’s terminal sales in October this year were 116072 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 7.4%, achieving 7 consecutive months of growth.


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