GAC NIO exhibited for the first time, 007 series family welcomes recruits

publish_time: 2020.11.21

    GAC NIO, which was established less than three years ago, stood at the domestic A-class auto show for the first time as an exhibitor.

    On November 20th, GAC NIO appeared at the booth of the 18th Guangzhou International Auto Show. At the press conference, GAC NIO released three new cars of the new 007S series. Compared with the cash 007 launched this year, the new cars have achieved subdivision and evolution in terms of population and functions.

    "The new series of models can be customized for people with different needs." Liao Bing, CEO and founder of GAC Weilai, told Future Auto Daily (ID: auto-time). For example, the 007S Pro version is an advanced customized model developed for the needs of individual users. "According to every detailed requirement of the user, one-to-one or even many-to-one services are provided to ensure that each 007S Pro is unique. The 007S Pro shown on the spot is Based on the suggestions made by existing car owners and community users, the integrated development of the display model."

    The show car uses the gray metal starlight paint surface of Qianyueyin. In the interactive experience, in addition to the iconic three-body screen, two interactive pads have been added to the rear, and it is also equipped with all-car Napa leather seats. It also comes with a private refrigerator and fingerprint locker. In addition, the new car can also independently develop a personal star icon, UI interface, startup screen, and develop exclusive APP.

    The 007Sport model uses a front and rear dual-motor layout, with a maximum power of 300kW and a peak torque of 700N·m. The sports version of the 007 will be equipped with a four-wheel drive system. The official said 0-100km acceleration time is 3.9s.


Source: GAC NIO

    It is worth mentioning that the new 007Sport version is also equipped with a celebrity voice robot, and the classic quotations of the host Liu Jianhong are included. Under certain contexts, the hidden sports expressions of the small CAN can be unlocked. At the press conference, Liao Bing announced that the 007Sport version has officially begun to accept blind subscriptions on the GAC Weilai APP. Until February 28, 2021, the payment of 20,000 intent money can be used to offset the purchase of 40,000.

    In addition to releasing new models, GAC NIO also announced a new "365 Worry-Free Warranty Program", which includes 30-day worry-free return, 60-day safe return, 5-year unlimited mileage vehicle warranty, and 8-year unlimited mileage power battery Warranty, etc. In addition, the first car owner enjoys a lifetime warranty of the whole vehicle + free road assistance for life. GAC Weilai revealed that it will launch an innovative service value-added plan in December.

    In addition, at the press conference, Liao Bing and the CMO of Zebra Networks successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two companies, announcing that GAC Weilai will join hands with the Zebra Mini Program to build a fully ecologically interconnected application. At the same time, GAC NIO announced that it will be connected to HUAWEI Hi Car. This cooperation is to "let professional people do professional things", Liao Bing told Future Auto Daily.


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