Macro light MINIEV, a mobility vehicle for everyone

publish_time: 2020.11.20

          "Get out", the buzzword that first appeared in the fan culture, is no longer a new word in the auto industry. A carefully planned "out of the circle product", eventually also can be reflected in the sales volume. Since the beginning of this year, several hot style models have appeared in the Chinese auto market successively: hongguang MINIEV, byd han, ou shielding cat, gac new energy Aion V, and nezha V, which has just been launched, all with outstanding achievements.

          On November 19, the guangzhou international motor show on the eve of the opening of the first electric net and specially invited the gac Qiu Liangping new energy planning Marketing Department minister, Great Wall automobile euler brand marketing general manager yu fly, byd auto sales company, vice general manager Wang Qingfeng, wuling automobile co., LTD., brand and marketing director zhou Xing, and car executive vice President of marketing which zha Hu Enping, common revolves around "ones -- to redefine the smart car marketing" theme, launched an autumn night, let's listen to this several "80 after" traders for insights "ones", And how does a product become "hot style" in their hands?

Zhou Xing, the lightest of the three, is first Shared.


         Tonight's topic, we have started the outbreak, the social need to mask, come to us, because we are the first in guangxi, think we have more resources, ability is strong, we have a company in Indonesia, started from Indonesia will also be able to buy a mask, but as more and more serious, international epidemic internationally, we also can not buy, so we put forward our building.

The industrial chain of the automobile industry is very magical, very flexible, anything that needs to be built quickly. Based on the national conditions and "wuling will build whatever the people need", the reason why we have this behavior is that we have done it from the bottom of our heart. You will be recognized for what you do with your heart.

Immediately after the mask, Premier Ke Qiang proposed the street stall economy, because we are also doing multi-purpose vehicles, so we did the street stall in three days. After the truck came out, the fire was in a complete mess, more to this sentence, we will build what the people need. People need to get back to work and production, so we built street stalls.

Then came snail rice noodle. There are two city name CARDS in Guangxi, one is Wuling automobile, the other is snail noodle. During the epidemic, snail noodle sold out, and the whole network was Shouting snail noodle, so we wuling made snail noodle, which once again deepened the fact that we could make whatever people needed.

We didn't have any new cars in the first half of the year. We did what the people needed.

Macro light MINIEV, a mobility vehicle for everyone

Macro Light MINIEV was the first car to be launched in the second half of the year. At the very beginning, the industry thought it was impossible for it to be popular. The industry's monthly sales target of 3000 cars was not bad, and its battery life was only 120km and 170km.

The second reason is its market, we are thinking, who should buy such a car, if it is an upgrade of low-speed electric cars, then low-speed electric cars do not need a driver's license, but we need a driver's license.

But this is only the product definition of the industry, we changed the way of thinking, used for fast moving consumer goods, fashion fashion products to do the train of thought. Since the price of this car was about thirty or forty thousand yuan, my idea at that time was how to make a new energy car in the way of FMCG. If you have this idea, then everything changes.

The evolving as our brand communication, I remember the first figure out at first, the car first edition exposure is fangs version, user's poking fun at points are focused on it, so we based on user needs, to change the design, the car should be listed in June, in order to let users get the best product, we put off two or three months after listing.

In my opinion, we can also see the flexibility of the automobile enterprises. Before the product is launched, we can make modifications to the parts that the users are not satisfied with.

In terms of product positioning, we believe that new energy and traditional forces are not opposite, but complementary, and new energy vehicles cannot replace traditional cars. Therefore, we start from this point to make the place beyond the reach of traditional fuel vehicles. Do new energy vehicle, our starting point is to focus on the "small". For example, in the case of mileage, no matter how long your mileage is, it won't go as far as a gasoline car.

If it is complementary, what scenario below needs new energy vehicle? We found a very large market for everyday mobility, just like bicycles used to be, replaced by electric vehicles. Is it possible to use new energy vehicles for the future of bike-sharing and short distance travel? We believe that this market, including every person in this room, needs a mobility car, and every family member needs a mobility car, so if the new energy car can open this market, we think it is a universal market.

So we should break 30,000 units this month, in terms of sales. About 1200 sets a day, and the inventory is only a small quantity, if the inventory can be met, I believe it is possible to sell more.

The market is likely to become a direction of the development of the new energy vehicles, let everybody can drive a real new energy cars, this is our enterprise's original intention, or we do the things of the heart, like do mask, is to let everyone be protected, we do the hair heart of new energy, is to let everybody can a car, the car industry instead of walking to popularization, must be the macro light MINIEV walking car market, the idea is that we do this thing.

We think in the next eight months, there will be more oems that will probably come out with this model, and there will be a lot of traditional cars that will come together to make this market bigger. So how far this mobility market is going to go, or how far it's going to go, we don't know. But the demand for a mobility car for everyone is unlimited, so we think it's a huge market.

Communicate in a youthful way

Started the car was sprayed on the net is old car instead of walking, car is old instead of walking people, is a group of people in the open, so we are located at the time of three people, a girl, spirit young and small town lady, if they can on macro light MINIEV, it isn't old car instead of walking, its orientation is the car instead of walking.

Now, nearly 60% of our customers are women, and 70% of them are born after 1985. What's more, the popularity of young people and women is becoming more popular. It is also a national popularization, because you have to sell 30,000 or 40,000 units, you can't focus on which market, and some provinces in the northeast and northwest have not yet sold, so the national popularization, is a very important feature of this mobility car market.

After the people's scooter comes out and the crowd focuses on it, all the marketing methods are natural. All the communication is done in the way of the young people. The materials, activities and promotion you see are all moving towards the younger age. Now hongguang MINIEV's female customers are really crazy about it. These female customers have their own name, "Wuling Girl". She feels that she has finally opened Wuling Hongguang, which is a very proud thing.

We used a lot of young people's ways to communicate, and I won't go into many details here, to finally present such a match between the target population and the results.

         Now we believe that the macro light MINIEVi if can break through the so-called low-speed electric car market, break through the limitations of alternative fuel vehicles, at the same time, our own on the upgrading of products and the marketing of packaging, can carry on the high quality steady transmission, then the market will soon be facing all hosts are involved, has truly created a new market segment, in addition to fuel vehicles, car market in addition to the new energy car instead of walking. I believe that every oems can do it, and are capable of doing it, because it is not complicated, everyone can do it, and everyone can do it, just see who will do it. Working together to expand the new energy market is good for the country.


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