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publish_time: 2020.11.19

    Zhejiang Dehong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and is now located in the high-tech small and micro park in Rui'an Gexiang New District. It is a manufacturer of automotive suspension systems integrating production, manufacturing, research and development, and sales. The product varieties mainly involve Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Cadillac, Nissan, Ford and other series models. Products of German, American, Japanese, and domestic cars have been put into use. The total output value of the enterprise reaches 50 million yuan, and the export output value accounts for 60% of the total output value.

                                                                                      What is a car suspension system?

      The suspension system is one of the most critical parts of the vehicle. It can filter uneven roads and buffer the impact to the body and frame to ensure smooth driving of the car. It can be said that suspension is related to the stability, comfort and safety of the vehicle.

   Among the car suspensions that we usually come into contact with, we often hear these types: MacPherson, multi-link, torsion beam, integral bridge, etc. There are actually only two categories to distinguish them by category, independent suspension and non-independent suspension.

                                                                                          How does the suspension system apply?

  Small cars and compact cars (Class A and A+)

   Both types of vehicles generally use front suspension Macpherson independent suspension and rear suspension torsion beam non-independent suspension.

   The use of this type of suspension is generally low in cost; the vehicle itself is small in size, and the torsion beam suspension takes up less space, which can create a passenger space for the rear.

   Medium-sized car (Class B)

   Such vehicles generally use front Macpherson independent suspension and rear multi-link independent suspension.

      The difference between the B-class car and the A-class car is in the rear suspension. The use of multi-link independent suspension is more comfortable and the body is more stable

Medium and large vehicles (Class C)

Such vehicles generally use more advanced suspension. The front suspension generally uses a five-link/four-link or double-wishbone independent suspension, and the rear suspension generally uses a multi-link/trapezoidal suspension.

Large car (Class D)

Such models generally incorporate high-tech configurations on the front and rear independent suspensions, such as electromagnetic systems, air systems, and dynamic stability systems.

Car buyers are generally entangled in whether the rear row should be independent suspension or torsion beam non-independent suspension. It depends on the road that buyers often drive on and the requirements for ride quality.


    There is a close relationship between the vehicle suspension system and the handling performance of the vehicle. An excellent car suspension system can greatly improve the handling performance of the vehicle!

     In order to develop and adapt to the needs of the global market, Dehong Company has comprehensively strengthened the innovation of production technology. It has successively introduced high-end production equipment and processing lines from home and abroad, and adopted advanced technological processes and sophisticated testing methods to meet customers' requirements for products. Quality requirements.

    Dehong company promises to you that it will seize every service opportunity you give, and make your business get a broader market through the high-quality products provided by our company. Here, Dehong company wholeheartedly welcomes new and old customers to discuss cooperation with people from all walks of life to create a better future together.


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