GAC's next five-year plan will be announced

publish_time: 2020.11.17

    The 2020 Guangzhou International Auto Show will open on November 20. The GAC Group will take the theme of “driving momentum” and bring its subsidiary GAC Trumpchi, GAC New Energy, GAC Honda, GAC Acura, GAC Toyota, GAC Fick, GAC Mitsubishi, Nearly 70 exhibits from GAC NIO’s eight major brands gathered in Guangzhou’s Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center No. 2.2 "GAC Pavilion", presenting the latest products and technologies, as well as development ideas and confidence in the next five years, and creating a more intelligent and diverse mobile travel mode for consumers . It is worth noting that at this auto show, GAC Group will release the "14th Five-Year" strategic plan, leading the development of the next five years.

    As the host, GAC Group’s booth has many highlights worthy of attention. For example, GAC Group’s booth will jointly display the latest products and technologies of GAC Trumpchi and GAC New Energy, with “innovation” and “experience” as the core to create a brand adventure experience space. In addition to the 20 exhibited cars, there will also be exhibits such as smart cockpit, GPMA architecture, Julang Power, ADiGO3.0 system, GEP pure electric platform, two-speed motor, graphene, etc., allowing you to experience the ultimate technological charm of GAC. In addition, the booth also set up a bubble water bar, a blind box lottery, a ladder leisure area, a children's experience area, a cool Face ID health test and a fun smart mecha competition, as well as exquisite gifts for collection.


GAC Trumpchi's first sports car EMPOW55

    Combined with the theme of "New Technology, New Life" at the Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC Group will bring its subsidiaries to release and showcase a number of new products and new plans. GAC Group will release its own vehicle brand value enhancement plan, and will also present the next-generation smart mobile terminal-MOCA that carries GAC Group's thinking about the future. MOCA redefines the car with modularity, personalization, intelligence, and sceneization, and uses technology and design to let users experience the future first.

    At the same time, GAC Trumpchi will release a new brand slogan to show Trumpchi's new look and value pursuit in the new era. It will also bring the first sports car EMPOW55 based on GAC's global platform modular architecture GPMA; GAC New Energy Aian family The fourth brand-new model of ”will also make its global debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show. This model is an A-class smart pure electric SUV for the new generation of young people. It will feature an unimaginable design, smart space, and battery Features such as technology are designed to break users' existing cognition and bring unprecedented driving experience. The four major models of the Aian family are displayed on the same stage, which is the strongest lineup in history.


The warm-up map of the fourth new model of the GAC New Energy Aeon family

    GAC Group’s joint venture brands will also release a number of important models and important corporate information: GAC Honda will unveil its first pure electric car at the Guangzhou Auto Show, and continue to enrich its EV product line to promote the development of electrification; GAC Acura will bring CDX A -Spec sports models, RDX A-Spec sports models and other star models will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Themed micro-films will be released before the auto show to strengthen the new brand proposition of "performance-based luxury"; 3 new TNGA models of GAC Toyota will be launched It debuted at the Guangzhou International Auto Show, including the highly anticipated new TNGA leap-class vehicle Ling Shang; GAC Fick's new Jeep guide took the Guangzhou Auto Show home to its world premiere, the Jeep 80th anniversary commemorative model was unveiled, and the GAC Fick WCM world-class factory lean Manufacturing quality and JDP awards, the future will continue to enrich the product spectrum to meet the diversified and younger product needs of Chinese consumers; GAC Mitsubishi will bring the Yige Ranqing version to the auto show, and during the Guangzhou Auto Show, GAC Mitsubishi will also release M-SPACE Plan to create a sustainable fan ecology in all aspects. In addition, GAC NIO will also release new models, new software and new services at the Guangzhou Auto Show.


GAC Toyota's new TNGA leap class vehicle Ling Shang


GAC Acura will bring CDX A-Spec sports, RDX A-Spec sports and other star models to the Guangzhou Auto Show


GAC Mitsubishi will bring Yige Ranqing Edition to the Auto Show

    2020 is a special historical node, not only the final chapter of the 13th Five-Year Plan, but also the prelude to the 14th Five-Year Plan. Looking back on the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, GAC Group adhered to the development line of "One Center, Two Unshakable, Three Transformations", and promoted the overall leapfrog development of enterprise scale, comprehensive strength, and development quality, forming a full industrial chain layout, and annual production and sales. Both exceeded 2 million vehicles and operating income exceeded 360 billion yuan. GAC Group ranked 189th in the Fortune 500, an increase of 173 places from the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan" period. In terms of research and development, it has invested 26 billion yuan in research and development, and its research and development capabilities have been continuously enhanced.

    Independent new energy has made breakthrough progress. It has not only built the world's leading GAC New Energy smart ecological factory, but also launched a pure electric platform and three market-competitive pure electric products. The sales volume in 2020 has leapt to the top three in the industry; In terms of intelligent network connection, it has in-depth cooperation with Tencent, Huawei, iFlytek and other companies to build corporate competitiveness through strategic cooperation, create a large intelligent networked car ecosystem, and complete the independent development of the ADiGO intelligent driving interconnected ecosystem.

    In addition, new breakthroughs have been achieved in the reform of the system and mechanism, the implementation of pilot reforms of professional managers and the reform of the major department system, and the reform of mixed ownership. Both brand building and cultural building have made new progress, and brand new strategic planning and corporate culture strategic concepts have been released respectively to realize the transformation from product to brand.


Rendering of GAC Zhilian New Energy Automobile Industrial Park

    Looking forward to the future, GAC Group will further consolidate the core of GAC's own brand, and point out the development direction of technological innovation, aiming to create a larger GAC with a better structure and stronger kinetic energy. It will continue to nurture opportunities in the crisis and open up new situations in the changing situation. The prelude to the "14th Five-Year Plan".


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