Behind Wuling once again surpassed Tesla, why can't the "Liuzhou Model" spread to the whole country?

publish_time: 2020.11.14

    Last month, Wuling Hongguang MINI EV became popular again, because its sales surpassed Tesla in September, ending the latter’s long-term dominance and regaining the head-to-head confrontation between Chinese brands and Tesla. One round.

    Some people worry that the hot sales of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV may be short-lived, and sustainability cannot be guaranteed. But Wuling Hongguang MINI EV used practical actions to slap these people crazy.

    According to the latest data, its October sales exceeded 20,000 units again, rising to a record 23,762 units. According to the data from the Federation of Passengers, Tesla China’s October sales were 12,143. Wuling Hongguang’s MINI EV’s sales not only surpassed Tesla Model 3 for two consecutive months, but also doubled its advantage.

    All of this is due to the "Liuzhou model" behind Wuling. On October 30, Zhao Xiaoyu, deputy general manager of SAIC-GM-Wuling Technology Center, presented the relationship between the "Liuzhou Model" and the mutual achievement of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV in a speech and media interview at the 4th Global Future Conference.


Zhao Xiaoyu, Deputy General Manager of SAIC-GM-Wuling Technology Center

    How does the "Liuzhou Model" help Wuling Hongguang MINI EV take off?

    Zhao Xiaoyu said that Wuling's mission is to build cars that the people need, that is, what the people need, Wuling builds what the people need, and the needs of the people are the direction Wuling strives for. Zhao Xiaoyu pointed out the driving force behind the birth of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV: demand drives the market.

    Before the birth of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, after long-term market research, Wuling concluded the travel range of ordinary users, that is, 84% of users actually travel within 40 kilometers per day, and 61% of users charge less than or equal to each week. 2 times. The daily travel scenarios of these users are mostly commuting to get off work, shopping and shopping, picking up children to and from school, etc., and the daily transportation is basically two to four people.

    After understanding such travel rules, Wuling Hongguang MINIEV came into being. Its biggest advantage is its high cost performance. The price is only 28,800~38,800 yuan. It is almost affordable for everyone, which is in line with its "People's Scooter" brand label. More importantly, although the price of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV is low, it does not lose quality. It will be easy to open, love to use, worry-free, and safe. It can solve the pain points of most users in daily transportation, and even many urban users are also happy. Choose Wuling Hongguang MINIEV.


    According to Wuling’s own statistics, 80% of Hongguang’s MINI EV’s user groups are post-90s and post-80s; among all orders, first- and second-tier cities account for 37%, third- and fourth-tier cities account for 55%, and the remaining 8 % Is from the county-level rural market. Most people take it for granted that Hongguang MINI EV should sell better in the county-level rural market, but the reality is that Hongguang MINI EV has become the favorite of urban young people.

    All this is inseparable from the driving force behind the "Liuzhou Model".

    According to Zhao Xiaoyu, Wuling Motors has started to practice and explore small new energy vehicles since 2014. They and the Liuzhou Municipal Government have jointly created a promotion model of government-enterprise linkage-the Liuzhou model. In this process, Wuling Motors is responsible for the production and research and development of small electric vehicles needed by citizens, and the Liuzhou Municipal Government will activate resources from all sources to help Wuling Motors promote.

    As we all know, in 2014, there were several outstanding problems in the process of introducing new energy vehicles to the market: one is difficult to recognize, the other is difficult to charge, and the third is difficult to park. This was almost a social problem at the time. Because at that time, many car companies entered the new energy vehicle market essentially for subsidies. Few people would put aside subsidies and focus on market demand to develop new energy vehicles.

    But Wuling Motors is different. The way it defines products is to mine user usage scenarios through big data, rather than starting from subsidy policies. This simple and rude way can quickly help Wuling Motors find the pain points of user needs and the pain points during use.

    In response to the above three pain points, Wuling Motors and Liuzhou Municipal Government have jointly made breakthroughs.

    The first pain point to be solved is cognitive difficulty. For this reason, Wuling Motors' approach to solving problems is simple and rude. Since your citizen friends do not approve of new energy vehicles because they have never contacted them, then I will give out thousands of them for you to experience for free. This kind of solution to the core of the problem has actually received miraculous results. Zhao Xiaoyu said: "After the experience, everyone finds that this small new energy vehicle is particularly easy to drive. Everyone will go from like to drive to inseparable, and finally 60% of the experience users are basically converted to car buyers."

    The second solution is the difficulty of charging. In this regard, Wuling Automobile took the lead in solving very high-frequency charging scenarios. Wuling Motors has developed a low-power smart charging pile whose power is equivalent to the power of a household 220V, 50-amp socket, which overcomes the difficulties of large construction investment and difficult promotion. At present, Wuling Motors has deployed a total of 16,000 charging sockets in Liuzhou. Combined with the layout of smart charging piles, it has achieved a 1:3 ratio of vehicle to piles, solving the problem of charging difficulties in most scenarios.


    Finally, the problem of parking difficulties needs to be solved, and the Liuzhou Municipal Government has played a very important leading role in it.

    According to Zhao Xiaoyu, the Liuzhou Municipal Government organized an event called "Nationwide Finding Parking Spaces." As long as a citizen of Liuzhou drives a small new energy vehicle and finds that a place can be parked, he only needs to take this photo and upload the address (the prerequisite is that the existing traffic safety cannot be hindered; the other is that public resources cannot be Affect the appearance of the city; the third is not to have an impact on the existing standard parking spaces).

    In the end, more than 8,000 special parking spaces for small new energy vehicles were found by mobilizing the citizens. The unused spaces between two trees, beside the sidewalk, beside the community wall, etc. have been developed by Wuling Motors into dedicated parking spaces for new energy vehicles.

    It can be said that Wuling Hongguang’s continued hot sales of MINI EVs are primarily due to Wuling Automobile’s precise positioning of the needs of the public, and allowing it to move from Liuzhou to the whole country is inseparable from the driving force behind the "Liuzhou Model".

    Can the "Liuzhou Model" be replicated across the country?

    Many people know that Liuzhou is a city because of snail noodles, and that snail noodles can get out of Liuzhou and become the driving force behind the love of the whole people. It is still inseparable from the "Liuzhou model." In order to promote snail noodles, the Liuzhou Municipal Government has not only given the green light to production companies in terms of policy, but more importantly, it has personally stepped up to help push companies to promote snail noodles, including the platform when the new store opens, rewarding outstanding snail noodle companies, and personally E-commerce negotiations let the local snail powder brand settle in.

    It can be said that the snail noodles can obtain such a huge market, it is inseparable from the Liuzhou City Government's behind the plan and the full support. The Liuzhou government's style of doing things is very unique, that is, it can concentrate all its efforts to attack a segment of the market, and finally make it to the extreme. The best example is that snail noodles stand proudly in their market segments. Another such example is the automobile industry represented by Wuling Automobile.

    Liuzhou is a typical automobile industry city. It is the only city in the country that has four state-owned automobile manufacturers, FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC, and China National Heavy Duty Truck. It produced 1.85 million cars in 2019, and its own car ownership There are only a few hundred thousand vehicles, less than one-tenth of some large cities. This is related to Liuzhou’s early increase in investment in the automobile industry, and is also closely related to its unique approach to the automobile industry.

    Liuzhou began to focus on the development of industry in the late 1950s, and its agricultural machinery products have also achieved the top ten in the country. And when the country began to focus on the development of the automobile industry in the 1980s, Liuzhou entered the automobile industry almost at the same time and locked the market for mini-cars. After nearly 20 years of development, Liuzhou Wuling Automobile, a native of Liuzhou, ranked first in the country's mini-car production and sales volume in 1998.


    Today, Wuling Motors is still the absolute leader in the mini-car market, but today, unlike the past, the mini-car market is shrinking sharply, and Wuling Motors needs to reposition itself in the course of market changes. At this time, the Liuzhou Municipal Government played a key role in it.

    40 years ago, when the state encouraged vigorous development of the automobile industry, Wuling Motors created mini-cars that ordinary people could afford, which to a certain extent accelerated the pace of automobile consumption entering ordinary homes; 40 years later, the state began to encourage vigorously When developing new energy vehicles, Wuling Automobile uses its own advantages in the field of micro-vehicles to lock in the direction of transformation into micro-new energy vehicles.

    The Liuzhou Municipal Government has also given great policy convenience to new energy vehicles.

    For example, in order to promote new energy vehicles, the Liuzhou Municipal Government has given green light to new energy vehicles all the way, and a series of measures such as car purchase subsidies, charging discounts, parking discounts, and charging pile construction have been implemented step by step by dedicated government staff. In Liuzhou, two-seater new energy vehicles can pass on the bus lanes in the urban area, and there are no restrictions on the number of traffic restrictions; new energy vehicles can enjoy free parking in parking lots where the municipal government allows temporary parking or public venues ; Users can also get charging subsidies while using new energy vehicles.

    In addition, an efficient government-enterprise high-efficiency mechanism has been established between the government and enterprises, in order to allow users' feedback to be responded to and processed in time. With the support of such favorable policies, the people of Liuzhou began to like new energy vehicles, and Wuling's micro electric vehicles began to take off.


    Some data can show that Liuzhou has come to the forefront in the process of promoting new energy vehicles. As of September 2019, Guangxi has 73,203 new energy vehicles, while Liuzhou alone has more than half, with 49,116. Now, Liuzhou's new energy vehicle ownership is still growing, and the electric travel rate has already exceeded 20%. Taking the number of licenses in September as an example, the number of cars in Liuzhou in September was 7,133, of which 1,889 were pure electric vehicles, with a market share of 26.5%.

    Under the background that the overall market share of pure electric vehicles in my country is less than 5%, Liuzhou's 26.5% is particularly eye-catching. The most popular electric vehicles on the streets of Liuzhou are Baojun’s E100 and E200, as well as the increasingly popular Wuling Hongguang MINI EV.

    Therefore, when we marvel at why Hongguang’s MINI EV is so successful and why the people of Liuzhou love new energy vehicles so much, should we also think about how other cities will promote the "Liuzhou Model" to the whole country?


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