The speed of plant construction surpasses Tesla, and the official announcement of Evergrande’s "Car Building Group" is online

publish_time: 2020.11.14

    Behind the multi-pronged approach, Evergrande built a car with "acceleration".

    The new four modernizations have stirred up waves in the automobile industry. As the traditional automobile industry ushered in major changes, Evergrande Automobile made a strong debut.

    "We want to build Evergrande Automobile into the world's largest and most powerful new energy vehicle group within three to five years."

    In August, Xu Jiayin, chairman of the board of directors of Evergrande Group, reiterated Evergrande’s goals when inspecting the production bases of Evergrande’s new energy vehicles in Shanghai and Guangzhou. In just three months, Evergrande Automobile is one step closer to this goal.

    Times Finance has learned from Evergrande that recently, its Shanghai and Guangzhou production bases have fully started trial production and commissioning, and the speed of plant construction is amazing, and it is only "on the door" to achieve mass production. From the perspective of industry insiders, thanks to its rich product line and strong mass production capacity, Evergrande Motors is expected to become a rival of Tesla and other auto companies.


    In fact, as the back wave of the new energy automobile market, Evergrande has been moving towards the established goal since entering the market for automobile production. It has adopted a maverick idea of ​​automobile production. It is a technology-intensive, long-term automobile. In the high-barrier industry, it has built its own moat and quickly shortened the gap with other auto companies.

    Since the beginning of this year, Weilai’s share price has soared 11 times, with a market value of over 500 billion Hong Kong dollars, surpassing the old car company BMW. Xiaopeng and Ideal Auto, which have been listed for less than half a year, also rose by 198% and 176% respectively. At present, the market value of Evergrande Motor is only 208.9 billion, which is less than 1/14 of Tesla, leaving huge room for imagination in the capital market.

    In addition to the layout of production capacity and channels, Evergrande Auto has made frequent capital actions this year. Since mid-September, it has been supported by capital giants such as Tencent, Didi, and Yunfeng Fund. The first fundraiser has raised 4 billion yuan in financing. Subsequent sprints for science and technology innovation boards are all adding more confidence to its future large-scale production and delivery. Behind the multi-pronged approach, Evergrande's car building is running "acceleration".

1 car produced in 1 minute

    In the spacious and bright workshop, giant robotic arms surround each frame to accurately perform tasks such as spot welding, riveting, and piping; the robot holding a 3D spray gun can complete tasks such as painting and gluing without leaving a dead corner.


    With the world's most advanced "black technology", Evergrande's automotive workshop can achieve 24-hour uninterrupted work, and the production of one car per minute is also expected to change from imagination to reality.

    It is reported that the two major automobile bases are constructed in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards, and the corresponding production processes are completed by robotic arms and intelligent robots. The robot configuration of the "Car Building Group" is as high as 2,545.

    Through the world's most advanced intelligent manufacturing, while ensuring world-class quality, Hengda Automobile's production efficiency and product qualification rate can be greatly improved, so that Hengchi has a huge quality and cost advantage as soon as it goes on the market.

    Collecting world-class technology, "Six cars are launched together"

    In order to achieve the development positioning of "world-leading core technology and world-class product quality", Evergrande has acquired the world's top core technologies in key areas such as 3.0 chassis architecture, power batteries, and motors through a series of mergers and acquisitions since last year.

    In August of this year, Evergrande Automobile held a press conference to release 6 new Hengchi brand vehicles, covering all levels from A to D, as well as a full range of passenger car models such as sedan, SUV, MPV, and crossover. Among them, there are not only mainstream models in the market, but also products aimed at the blank market, such as Hengchi 4, which is positioned as a large 7-seater MPV.


    It is reported that the styling of Hengchi's 6 new cars are all made by world-class designers. Among them, Hengchi 1, Hengchi 2, Hengchi 4 are in charge of Danish designer Anders Warming. During his 16 years in the BMW Group, he served as the chief designer of BMW MINI, which also makes the interior performance of Hengchi new cars even more impressive. look forward to.

    The "Six Cars" is only less than 300 days after Xu Jiayin first explained the car manufacturing logic of Evergrande in November last year. It is enough to get a glimpse of Evergrande's speed and ambition in car building. There are only 4 models on sale.

    The car logo and naming system show the big picture

    After the new car was released, Evergrande officially released the Hengchi car logo on November 10, and explained the originality and connotation of the car logo with "protect the blue sky, win the red sea, the Oriental Lion, and look down on the world." The most conspicuous in the car logo is the roaring "Oriental Lion" in the center, showing Evergrande's confidence and ambition in the new energy field.


    The lion backed by the blue sky is holding a red earth tightly, showing that Evergrande has not forgotten its original intention of environmental protection in the fierce competition of new energy vehicles, and the recent "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)" The introduction has also strengthened new energy car companies including Evergrande to firmly follow the green, low-carbon and sustainable development route.

    Subsequently, Evergrande Automobile announced the naming system of the Hengchi series on November 11 without stopping. It is understood that the name of each Hengchi consists of "Hengchi + number + two English letters" and is named in accordance with the listing order, grade and model.

    From the naming rules of Hengchi, it can be seen that Hengchi's model positioning is luxury, ultra-luxury, and flagship, which also represents Hengchi's high-end positioning, which will seize the market with luxury car quality and technical standards.

    The "Six Vehicles" and the announcement of the car logo and naming system have been completed in one go, demonstrating Evergrande's determination to build cars; the production base grew out of nothing, and the production workshop started trial production. At present, Evergrande's car manufacturing has clearly entered the fast lane.

    In the future, Hengchi's mass production will add new highlights to the global new energy vehicle competition. According to the plan, Evergrande will continue to build "black technology" production workshops around the world, and strive to become the world's largest and most powerful new energy vehicle group by 2025.

    Whether the roaring Oriental Lion can make its C-bit debut in the turbulent new energy vehicle market, I believe that with the mass production of Hengchi, the answer will be announced soon.


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