China 2020 (wenzhou) Auto parts industry expo attracts good news

publish_time: 2020.05.26

China 2020 (wenzhou)

Auto parts industry expo attracts good news

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    As the "Chinese auto parts capital", wenzhou is the main production base of auto parts and motorcycle parts in China. There are more than 4000 auto parts enterprises in wenzhou, and it is one of the 12 auto parts bases in China.

    But wenzhou city has been a lack of a comprehensive auto and motorcycle sales platform, many local enterprises need to go to the field to participate in the exhibition, exhibition costs are high and not conducive to wenzhou regional brand building.

    In order to speed up modern industrial system in wenzhou, push for automobile industry specialization, high-end, intelligent, internationalization development, wenzhou municipal party committee, municipal government decided on September 25 to 27, 2020, in wenzhou international convention and exhibition center held the "2020 China (wenzhou) for automobile industry exposition" (hereinafter referred to as "auto"), this is the first comprehensive exposition held for automobile industry.We pacot network technology co., ltd. as a cooperative unit will participate in the entire auto parts exhibition.

    The exhibition will be dominated by offline exhibitions and supplemented by online exhibitions.

Help enterprises to understand the latest development direction of the auto industry, promote the national automobile enterprises especially in Yangtze river delta regional cooperation and docking, supporting cooperation and promote the whole zero industrial chain expansion, realizes the exhibition trade and factory visits, to build international and domestic, experience exchange between the Yangtze river delta region industry chain, technology cooperation and discuss the docking of professional trade platform.

"It's now or never."

    The auto parts exhibition is expected to launch about 500 standard booths, among which 300 booths will be open to the majority of business owners, the exhibition area of 15,000 square meters, booth uniform according to 4000 yuan/booth charge.

    At present, "2020 China (wenzhou) auto parts industry expo" is entrusted to our pacotte network co., ltd. to many domestic and foreign enterprises.

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    Hope to have intention to participate in the "2020 China (wenzhou) for automobile industry exposition" of the enterprise can actively contact us, we have experienced sales team, will bring the most for you wholeheartedly detailed booth chart and the most convenient one-stop service, convenient for you to reserve the right to the gold stand fast one step ahead, help you stand out in many enterprises.

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